Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Week Part 2

Well, so far winter week has been a hit! The only thing putting a slight damper on it is NO SNOW!!! It is so much more fun when you can go out and play in the stuff :) But we make up some fun substitutes.

One of the most fun things that we did last year was messy and kind of yucky to clean up after, but seriously so fun! Since we can't have a real snowball fight we got out some bags of big marshmallows and went at it! We pulled out the couches so we could each hide behind one, and then I put mittens in the middle of the floor. The goal was to run out and grab as many mittens as you could without getting hit. If you got hit, you had to drop the mittens and start over. We played this forever, and Skylar was getting pretty good at throwing by the end :) One idea I saw that would be SO fun as soon as we do get some snow is to fill up squirt bottles with colored water and let your kids paint the snow. I think this would also be a good way to work on letter recognition, write a huge letter on the snow and have them tell you the letter and the sound it makes.

Last year I found a cute little poem on about snowflakes. The direct link is and you can print out 5 little snowflakes to go with it. We laminated them and put them on popsicle sticks so Skylar could act it out with me.

Finally I found two fun things to make on The first is (what else?) a cute snowman treat. Here is the direct link:

And second were these fun snowflakes made out of pasta. Here is the link and picture. Can't wait to start doing all our Christmas stuff next week!!

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Lisa Kay said...

Tonii, you are a lifesaver!! Thank you so much for putting all of these fun ideas together in one place. We read the mittens story for FHE and loved it and I can't wait to do the snowball fight (Josh will love that one!) and other winter activities. If you don't want the mess of marshmallows I also heard of using white socks. You're amazing! Thanks!! Lisa