Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Symbols FHE

Hi all! I thought I would post this FHE in advance, in case anyone else wanted to do it :) I have a little 2-foot tree from our newlywed apartment days. Last year I got several ornaments to represent the symbols of Christmas. I believe I have an angel, star, candy cane, red ornament, green ornament, wreath, bell, tree and lastly a gift. I plan to wrap all of these up and put them in a big Christmas box. We are going to read the Christmas story and talk about the reason for the season. Then I will let Skylar unwrap 3 ornaments and place them on the tree. As she does I will read what that symbol represents. Then on Tuesday night we will open 3 more, and finally Christmas eve we will review the Christmas story again and open the last 3, making sure that the gift ornament is the last one we open. This is the 2nd year we will have done this, and I am really hoping it will be a lasting tradition that can put our hearts in the right place in the days leading up to Christmas. Here is an awesome website I found last year that has explanations for each symbol.

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Kristen Weller said...

Hey I have another fun FHE activity for you. I did this with my primary kids. We made stockings for Jesus that they can hang in their homes and each time anyone in the family does something nice for someone, they write it down and put it in the stocking. Then on Christmas day they read off all the things as a Christmas present for Jesus. I was going to post a blog about this myself, but I forgot to take pictures of the stockings before I handed them out at church. I figured you might like the idea.