Monday, December 1, 2008

Mitten Family Home Evening

I try to have our family home evening go along with our theme for the week, and sometimes its a stretch, but I am excited about this week! At I found this great story about mittens and service, giving to others, from an old issue of The Friend. The link to the story is

I thought we would read this story and then talk about how blessed we are and how there are so many people/kids out there that have so little. I think it will be a great tie-in to our upcoming Christmas fhe's. Then to go along with our mitten theme I have cut out matching pairs of mittens. On the back of the mittens I have pictures of different ways we can serve ie, pictures of doing chores, sharing toys with siblings, etc. Then I laminated them and I will tape them all over the house and Skylar will have to find the matches.

To round out the night we are decorating sugar cookies shaped like- what else?? Mittens!! A little over the top, maybe, but so fun!!

I think this could be really adaptable for all ages, so if you happen to try it and your family enjoys it, let me know!!


Camille said...

Im so glad that you started a blog for all of your cute ideas! you are always an insperation to me! MISS YOU!

Brittany said...

Okay, you are AMAZING! Can I just send my kids over to your house. They would never want to come home. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.