Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Week Part 1!!

Hello!! Life is finally feeling a little bit back to normal now that we have our sweet baby boy here. So bring on the weekly themes I say!! Today was Skylar's last day of preschool so that motivated me even more to start planning again. Since it was her last week of school I thought we would kick next week off as Summer Week! Wahoo!!

The first part of the week we will be learning all about the sun. For breakfast monday morning we will have Sunny Snacks. These are english muffins with cream cheese spread on them. Then you put triangles of cheddar cheese slices all the way around to make the suns rays and then use chunks of pineapple to make the eyes and mouth. So cute, right?

One craft I definitely want to do is to make a sun handprint wreath. You will probably notice I LOVE anything to do with handprints or footprints. I just love to be able to look back and really see just how tiny they actually were. Plus these kinds of crafts are easy and fun for both my 4 year old and almost 2 year old.

Another thing I really want to focus on is the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun. We will be decorating foam visors that you can find at any craft store and making our own sunglasses out of cardboard and using colored plastic wrap for the lens :)

Finally I want to talk about the sun and shadows, so we will use our abundant supply of sidewalk chalk and trace each others shadows. Then we can all fill in our own shape with facial features and clothing. I can't wait, it should be a great start to the week! Stay tuned for more summer fun focusing on...WATER!!