Thursday, December 11, 2008

Samuel the Lamanite FHE

This year I want to really teach Skylar the Christmas Story, and I think you have to include the story of Samuel the Lamanite with that! This next Monday will be our FHE on Samuel the Lamanite and the Monday after that we will talk about the Nativity story to reinforce it all. I found a cute idea on the internet (sorry, I can't remember where so I don't know who to give the credit too :) where they built a wall out of rice crispy treats and had a little lamanite action figure (the kind you get at Deseret Book) on the wall. Then they got all their little toy figures and set them up to be the people mocking Samuel down below. Then you have your kids throw mini marshmallows at Samuel, pretending to mock him. I think Skylar will really get into this :) Then we will share the rest of the story, ending with the signs of Christ's birth.

I like the idea of helping Skylar begin to understand that the Bible and Book of Mormon are contemporaries, and show her what was going on in both places of the world at the time of Christ's birth. Plus, because of the rice crispy treat wall your treats are already handled! Wahoo, sounds like a great FHE at our house!

(Just FYI, I have been talking to a lot of people about how hard it is to have FHE. I hear ya! I hope these posts don't make ours sound in any way amazing, because they usually last about 15 minutes, and sometimes they are great, and sometimes they are a total flop. But I do find peace in knowing that we are trying, and I love that once a week Paul and I get the chance to bear our testimony to our children. Skylar gets very excited for FHE because we try really hard to make it fun and spiritual at the same time. I also understand that, like going to church sometimes, when you have young children you don't always get much out of this stuff, but I believe it shows obedience, and sets an important example for the kids. Anyway, enough of my rambling! Hope someone finds this helpful! :)

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Robin said...

I saw it at this link before I saw your post. This might be someone to give credit to.