Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas fun!!

Wow, can you believe Christmas is in two weeks??? So little time, so many fun things to do with the kids. For the next two weeks education has pretty much gone out the window, and it is all about fun and the real reason for the season. I am sure you have so many wonderful traditions and fun things you do in your family, but here are just a few we have done, or are trying this year.

This year has been fun because we have teachers at church and preschool to make gifts for, and I really wanted them to be from Skylar. So first of all she made this super cute santa handprint card that I found on Then we are going to make homemade ornaments in the crockpot! I am so excited about it, and I found the idea on one of my favorite blogs, the Crockpot Lady. You can find her link on my other blog, and it is one of her most recent posts.

Another thing I did last year that has been fun is to go to and print off their Christmas memory game cards. I then backed them on scrapbook paper and laminated them, now Skylar loves to sit down with me and play that game forever!!

One thing I just found that you may already do with your family is Scriptures 12 Days of Christmas. You just read one each day, we will do it at night before we go to bed, to remind you why we have this wonderful time of year. And if you start tomorrow you can still get them all in! Here is the link:

Lastly, I love advent calendars and all things related. Last year my mom got us a cute advent calendar type thing, that has little boxes for each day that you open up that can hold little candies, or stickers, or something! Even though I got started late, I have tried to put a thought/scripture in each day, and then an idea how we can focus on that thought for the day. I just came up with my own, so if anyone is interested leave a comment and I will post them too. I hope everyone is having a magical Christmas season, and please feel free to leave any of your amazing ideas that you do with your families, I would love to copy them! :)

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Karlee Turner said...

Of course we want you to post the ones you made up!! I love reading this make your days with your kids so fun!