Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Week!

What a great week we have planned!! Hopefully we continue to have beautiful spring weather to go along with it! :) Tonight I am just posting some fun activities we will be doing this week that deal more with the secular part of Easter. I have a great fhe I will post about tomorrow and some other fun ways we can really try to focus on the Savior more and the Easter Bunny less this Easter, but for now heres a few ways to entertain your kiddos this week:

First off is this adorable craft-

Handprint Easter Lilies!! All you do is trace the kids hands, cut out the tracings and roll them up to form a lily. Then you tape them to a straw and there you have it! When I was on bedrest last year my darling sister-in-law made these with my kids while she was watching them for the day. Love you Jen ;)

Then a fun snack that the kids love to make, edible egg nests! And I just realized that my other sister-in-law made these with my kids while I was on bedrest too! Thanks Crista :) Wow, what a great family I have!

Photo from :)

This is a fun week to play some education games using plastic easter eggs! One thing we love to do is get a bunch of our eggs and and write different letters on them, upper and lowercase. Then I have the kids run around in a mock easter egg hunt and try to match up the letters. You could also use these to sort and help teach the younger kids about colors. My younger daughter is working on learning about shapes so we will take advantage of that this week and focus on the difference between circles and ovals using the eggs.

Tomorrow I am going to the craft store to pick up some styrafoam egg shapes. Then I am going to let the kids paint them, glitter them, etc! And of course the old standby...dyeing Easter eggs! I just realized I have yet to do this with my kids, I can't believe I held out this long!

I hope you all have a wonderful week with your families. I love this time of year, a time of rebirth and a time to renew our spirits and find the beauty and joy that are all around us!!

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