Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flower and Plant Week!

What a fun, happy week we have planned at the Johnson home!! Spring is here (maybe, if it doesn't snow again!:) and we have some fun flower/plant theme activities planned.

The first thing I am really excited to do with Skylar is a very simple science experiment. She has recently discoverd the TV show "Sid the Science Kid" and she is obsessed! Every day she asks me when we can do an experiment :) One thing I have learned with my children is if they are showing an interest in something I need to jump on it and take every opportunity I have to get them excited about learning. And if today it happens to be science experiments, so be it!! We did this probably two years ago, but now she is actually old enough to understand :) All you do is get a bunch of white carnations. Then you fill up cups with water and different colored drops of food coloring, and as the flowers drink up the water you can see them changing colors! :) I think it will be a fun way to explain how plants and flowers need water, and I'm also thinking we could put together a graph showing which colors affect the flowers the most.

Another fun activity we did when Skylar was in a cute little playgroup a few years ago. One of the moms had the best idea :) She got little planters and let the kids plant grass seeds. The great idea was they planted the seed to form their first initial. So as the grass grows, it will form an S or a K for my girls, and I think they will love looking at them :)

In the last few weeks I have dedicated myself to helping not only myself but also my kids be more healthy, so I was excited to find some fun ideas for healthy snacks this week. First up we will be attempting this...

Ok, probably won't turn out QUITE like that, but I think it will be fun to attempt :) Sometimes its also as simple as making PB&J sandwhiches for lunch and using the flower shaped cookie cutter...I don't know, my kids love it!!

The thing we are looking forward to the most is attending the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. This is one of our favorite activities that we have done the last few years, and I am excited to do it again! Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can spend some quality family time together in the beautiful gardens.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week and take some time to treasure all the precious moments we have with our little ones!


Michelle Paige said...

What a sweet blog you have. Thanks for being my newest follower!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This is such a fun arrangement!