Monday, March 22, 2010

Farm Week

Spring is in the air and I am absolutely thrilled about it!! :) I thought this would be a perfect week to learn about farms and farm animals. There are alot of great ideas out there, and some really fun things I can't wait to do. For more fun ideas check out all the links on my sidebar, there are some very creative people out there.

My favorite thing we will be doing this week is going to a local farm. The kids LOVE going there and feeding all the animals and taking pony rides too :) They have a really cool display on how we get milk, so we will focus on that aspect of the farm. I also want to talk about the different foods that come from farms so for a snack we will bring apples, veggies, etc.

One day we will focus completely on pigs :) I want to read the kids The Three Little Pigs and then do a really fun craft to go with it. Out of cardboard you cut out 3 house shapes. Then let the kids make each of the 3 houses using dried grass (straw), toothpicks (sticks), and squares of red paper (bricks). Another fun craft I found was to make pig noses out of egg cartons. Let the kids paint them pink and then draw on black nostrils. Then attach a string and walaah!! Of course if you need a fun snack for that day, pigs in a blanket will do just fine :)

Finally one day I thought we could learn about lambs. Using cotton balls we'll let the kids make their own fluffy lambs, and talk about how they are sheared and where wool comes from.

I am excited to use this week to hopefully help my kids become more aware of the world and where things come from. We have so much that we often take for granted, hopefully they will learn a lot and have some fun too :)

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