Monday, January 4, 2010

Ocean Life Week!

Wow, its been a long time since we had a theme for the week! :) But its a new year, and a new chance to be more consistent and do more fun, educational activities with the kids! I love this week because it always includes a trip to the local aquarium. One of our favorite things to do is a craft we do the morning before we go to the aquarium. We have a big bucket of oceanlife foam stickers. On a blue piece of paper the girls put on all the different stickers. Then we take it with us to the aquarium. Skylar calls it her "map" and we go around and try to find everything on it! Simple, easy, and SO fun :)

We will also be making jelly fish to hang up around the girls room for the week. You just let the kids fingerpaint paper plates and then attach different colored crepe paper for streamers.

Our letter of the week is the letter B so I think we will take one day and learn all about the fasciniting world of Blowfish :) Along with printing out tracing papers for the letter B I like to have a word we talk about to reinforce the sound.

As always, the food must go along with the theme :) One day we will be having hot dogs that look like an octopus. If you have never done this all you do is cut slits in the bottom and when you cook the hot dog the ends curl up to look like tentacles. My girls LOVE it :) My friend also gave me the great idea of having tomato soup for lunch and putting goldfish crackers in. Then you let the kids "go fishing"

I hope you all have a great week. One of my years goals is to embrace this precious time I have with my children and not let it go to waste. Doing simple little activities like these are one way I am hoping to get closer to that goal!!

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