Monday, January 25, 2010

Keeping it simple

I wrote the title to this post, and then had to laugh. I should hardly be telling anyone how to keep things simple!! Not really one of my strengths ;)

I just wanted to give an idea on one thing I make sure to do every week, even if we can't really do much else as far as the weekly theme goes. Let's be honest, some weeks I (and you I am sure) am just trying to keep my head above water, let alone plan and follow through with some amazing activities for the kids. But by doing this simple thing I still feel like I am teaching my kids something and we are accomplishing things.

Simply go to (check out the link on my sidebar) and click on the Alphabuddies section. Then they have templates for each letter. It has an upper and lowercase letter. I print, cut them out, and glue on to cute scrapbook paper. Then we hang it up on the frigde under the sign that says "Letter of the week". In that same section they have tracer pages also for each letter. I print out a few of these, and throughout the week we practice writing that letter. Its great for my 4 year old who loves to write and is working hard on developing that skill, and its helping my 2 year old start to recognize letters.

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