Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving advent calendar

Unfortunately I didn't think of this one until too late for this year, but I am excited to start working on it for next year. I LOVE the Thanksgiving advent calendar Pottery Barn has, and think it would be pretty simple to make my own that would look great in my house. This weekend my mom is coming out and we are going to get all the fabric and get started on it! Next year (when it is done :) I want to put a little slip of paper in every day that says "I am grateful for...." with an activity that goes along. Some activities I found were "I am grateful for good books, go to the library today." "I am thankful for my grandparents, draw them a picture and mail it to them", etc, etc. I love the idea of focusing on gratitude every single day of the month. I know in our house Thanksgiving tends to get overlooked, but I think it is such a great opportunity to help our children realize how truly blessed they are.
Here is the pottery barn link, it wouldn't let me post the pic:

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